Talented, hard working and friendly!

Everyone at Rapid Induct knows how to work together. While we all have our own areas of expertise, we know what’s going on throughout the organisation. By sharing ideas, challenges and successes, we are able to make meaningful and targeted contributions that ultimately result in better service and a better product

Leadership Team

Tim Johnson - Managing Director

Tim Johnson

Managing Director

Paula Johnson - Director/Global Sales Coordinator

Paula Johnson


Consultants Team

Guy Sapio - Director of Operations UK

Guy Sapio

Director of Operations

Mike Duffield

Mike Duffield

Sales Director

Vince Pascale

Vince Pascale

Sales Manager

Client services

Nia Georgiou - Customer Service Officer

Nia Georgiou

Client Services

Client Services Team

Client Services Members

Technology Team

Peter Thiele

Peter Thiele

Technology Manager

Kazi Shams E Tabriz - Technology Manager

Kazi Shams E Tabriz

Programming Manager

Online Induction Programming Staff

Technology Team