Contractor Inductions

Contractor Inductions and Training Courses are typically delivered face-to-face when a contractor arrives on site.

There are significant hidden costs in using this method, particularly in lost productivity time and the real economic cost where your contractor is charging you for their time at your site!

Because Rapid Induct is an online solution, contractors are able to complete their training before they arrive on site and we even have ways of ensuring that the right person completes the training and not someone else.

Bespoke training courses can be created within the system using an array of multimedia such as Video, Audio, Imagery, Text and Flash. You won’t believe how easy it is!

With our unique assessment function you can thoroughly test your contractors’ knowledge throughout the course, ensuring the moment they step on your site they are aware of your policies and procedures.

Contact us and we will help you find a solution to your contractor health and safety training needs.

Contractor inductions made easy

Online contractor training solution

There was once a time when contractor inductions had to be delivered in a face-to-face manner once the contractor had arrived on site. Not only did this affect productivity but it also meant that costs could quickly escalate, so wouldn’t it be nice if there was an easier way to ensure contractors had proper site safety inductions? Well, now there is, because with our online system you’ll be able to arrange site inductions the easy way for a simple, cost-effective and convenient solution to your needs.

With our online safety inductions contractors are able to undertake the necessary training course in their own time before they reach the site, meaning you don’t have to waste a second of your day. With comprehensive training options you can be confident that the individual has a thorough grounding in all aspects of site safety and awareness to ensure their suitability for the role, and because they complete the safety induction course before they arrive you don’t have to worry about being charged for any additional time. The contractor will arrive ready to work without any further delays being necessary, with this form of site safety induction helping to keep costs down whilst ensuring maximum productivity.

What makes Rapid Induct different?

The fact that Rapid Induct is a wholly online solution is of course the first difference to traditional methods of contractor inductions, but the benefits of using our system don’t stop there. Everything about our contractor training courses can be tailored according to your individual specifications to ensure total suitability and optimum performance, with our site inductions offering a truly bespoke solution to your company’s requirements. We can incorporate an array of multimedia options depending on your needs and it’s easy to get the desired results, and with our site safety inductions offering plenty of additional features you get even more.

Our unique assessment tool allows you to test the knowledge of your contractors to ensure they’re fully aware of your site’s procedures and policies, and it also helps you identify any areas of weakness that need to be addressed before the contractor sets to work. And, we even have ways of ensuring it’s the contractor themselves who completes the site safety induction courses to give added peace of mind, with everything coming together to offer a comprehensive, functional and wholly suitable form of contractor training without the usual hassle.

Save time and money with site inductions from Rapid Induct

Rapid Induct can easily be used to save you time and money, with this form of contractor induction being the preferred choice for companies that want great results with the minimum of hassle. Every single client we work with receives that same level of service and the features we’re able to offer means we should be your only solution for site induction and contractor training, so if you’re looking for a cost-effective, efficient and simple solution to your safety induction needs, make sure to get in touch and experience the difference of Rapid Induct for yourself.

"Having completed over 11,000 contractor inductions across hundreds of stores we have moved from a largely inflexible induction process to one where contractors can complete their training in their own time.
From a safety perspective, the question/answer component of the induction helps us to identify any weaknesses early on that may need to be addressed. We have had some great feedback from our contractors too!"

Shane Barr - Operations Manager, GPT Group

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