License Collection and Tracking

If you need to collect and track licenses, safe working practices, safe working procedures, risk assessments, external training passports or any other document you need to record and track, then Rapid Induct has the answer.

Rapid Induct’s Document Upload feature allows for any document to be specified and then requested from personnel groups, contracting companies or individuals.

Each request allows for the document to be uploaded by those from whom it is requested and then reviewed by the requester. Once the document is received by the requester they can verify its contents or reject the document with notification, requesting the correct document be uploaded.

The document upload feature is an extremely powerful tool that can save significant resources in keeping control of mandatory documents.

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Rapid Induct Health and Safety Management Software

Rapid Induct is designed to enhance health and safety management for companies of all sizes. Using the most innovative technology, our software can make finding and recording the data you need easier than ever. Rapid Induct health and safety management software will allow you to collect and track safe working procedures, safe working practices and risk assessments as well as various other documents of high importance. Rapid Induct is simply unrivalled in its range of features, scalability levels, and quality of use. Every client has a unique system tailored to their requirements.

Using health and safety document management allows companies to keep records for all paperwork which will need to be referred to again and again. Rapid Induct is a leading choice for companies with a staff roster of hundreds or thousands, which need high-performing systems to collate and keep track of all health and safety documents for training employees and contractors. Any document can be specified and requested from various parties, such as personnel groups, individuals seeking relevant information or contracting companies. Rapid Induct’s document upload feature provides the means for this in an effective, easy manner.

Effective Health and Safety Document Management

Health and safety is a vital aspect for all companies, no matter how big or small. Risk assessments need to be performed to establish the potential hazards in a specific working environment, encompassing all possible situations which may arise. With Rapid Induct health and safety document management, all recorded findings from this process can be uploaded into a company’s bespoke system for future reference. This software has become a powerful aid in maintaining control of important files for many companies, providing optimum support and ease of use with unparalleled scalability, ensuring fast, effective operation.

Rapid Induct health and safety management software also utilises ‘super user’ control for easy coordination of health and safety information, allowing function-restricted admin access passwords to be created, which allows tasks and reports to be processed at various levels. This ensures that certain people are capable of accessing the relevant information, and only certain others can alter it where necessary. This aids privacy and security, and eliminates potential confusion which may arise when open access is granted to all levels.

For more information on our multiple award-winning health and safety management software, or to find out how Rapid Induct’s health and safety document management system could help revolutionise your company’s safety processes, contact our expert team. We also offer health and safety training online and occupational health and safety management.

"Rapid Induct has saved time at Lend Lease as contractors now upload their licences, safe working practices, risk assessments and other paperwork online rather than presenting any paperwork in person for checking as previously done.
This process allows the system to keep record and an audit trail of all paperwork that each contractor and employee needs to submit before commencing work."

Gordon Longrigg, General Manager, Lend Lease

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