Multiple Administrators

Large business often requires bespoke solutions that work for all stakeholders. The more complex this solution the more important it is to distribute responsibility down to leaders and stakeholders at a site level.

Rapid Induct’s unique site administrator function allows for the creation of function restricted admin access passwords that site level administrators can run tasks and reports at their local level.

For instance, an engineering manager at a manufacturing facility may have the ability to issue training passwords and run reports just for his/her division however is restricted from editing course content.

This specifiable ‘super user’ control allows you to easily co-ordinate the application of health and safety training and compliance functions across your entire organisation.

Contact us and we will help you find a solution to your site administration needs.

Bespoke workplace health and safety training

Why do you need H&S training?

One of the things that Rapid Global has become renowned for around the world is its Rapid Induct system, offering bespoke training to a huge number of big name companies. We make it easy for you to produce comprehensive training for health and safety, allowing your inductees to read up on various topics before answering questions to assess how well they have absorbed the information. Rapid Induct is an incredibly easy tool to use and allows you to create occupational health and safety management training on any topic you like, such as fire safety, manual handling, forklift safety, and many more.

The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974 requires every business is required to provide all employees with whatever instruction or information is required to ensure their safety whilst at work. Therefore, no matter what industry you’re in, some form of workplace health and safety training will be required, particularly in high risk industries, such as mining, manufacturing and anyone working with gas or electricity. Over 200 people are killed and over one million injured each year in workplace accidents, so to make sure your employees are knowledgeable in H&S procedures, it is imperative they undertake some form of training in health and safety.

Rapid Induct allows you to create detailed occupational health and safety management training on whichever subject you desire, so you can feel assured your employees are receiving the required training.

H&S training the way you want it

Perhaps the most advantageous aspect of Rapid Induct is its level of customisation. Here at Rapid Global, we can build you an occupational health and safety management course, or you can create one yourself from the ground up. You can devise a set of questions and answers, followed by an assessment for inductees to test how well they have understood the material; all of this can easily be created in a short time and edited at any point. We can also ensure that any workplace health and safety training courses you produce feature your logo or colours to fit in with your company branding.

Whilst many companies produce booklets or leaflets to inform their employees of regulations and procedures, we believe in offering a more interactive and customisable experience. Our online health and safety training can easily be accessed from any web browser and all who pass are awarded with a certificate they can print off.

Training in health and safety from a company you can trust

At Rapid Global, we believe in providing companies with a service unlike any other. For creating extensive and professional H&S training courses, Rapid Induct stands head and shoulders above our competitors’ one and two dimensional alternatives, simply due to its sheer number of features and scalability. We work closely with all our clients to ensure that their requirements are met and they are satisfied with the occupational health and safety management courses they have created. We have provided services such as workplace health and safety training for big companies, such as Nestle, McDonalds and British Gypsum, so you can rest assured we know what we’re talking about when it comes to training for health and safety.

"We have been impressed that each of the Rapid Induct consultants that we work with has taken the time to understand and get to know our business first hand.
This, we believe, has enabled them to deliver high quality practical solutions that work for our business and we consider Rapid Induct to be an extension of our in-house HSE Team.
We highly recommend Rapid Induct to deliver a quality solution."

Rienholt Rasch Behavioural Safety Manager, Cement Australia

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