Assessing compliance involves reviewing reports, and Rapid Induct reporting gives you all the information you need at your finger tips.

Rapid Induct includes a rich set of standard reporting functions such as pending and overdue training, content review, pending and overdue documents, training needs analysis, time taken reports and much more.

You can filter reports by course, employee, personnel type, work group/division, location and across any date range.

Because Rapid Induct automates the process of scheduling and assigning training requirements it will automatically send automated email alerts to employees who are required to complete training.

A unique feature of the reporting function is its interactiveness. When running a report, you can take action by clicking any linked result within the report rather than exiting and beginning a new function.

Contact us to see an interactive display of the reporting power within Rapid Induct.

Ensure compliance with employee training software

All employees have to undertake thorough health and safety training if your business is to remain compliant with necessary legislation. But, arranging training courses is just the beginning – you also need to prove compliance, and that all comes down to accurate and efficient record keeping. In the past this wasn’t always that simple and it would often be difficult to keep track of employee training records, but with our system that’s no longer the case. Our effective and usable employee training software ensures you remain fully compliant by offering an efficient means of record-keeping and reporting, letting you stay on top of all training requirements without the usual hassle.

Keep accurate employee training records

Our Rapid Induct reporting line securely holds all necessary employee training records to give you information at your fingertips, offering quick and easy access with training tracking software that you can rely on. All records will be held in one central point for complete functionality and you’ll be able to review these records as you see fit, and with a number of different reporting options to choose from you’ve got a complete solution to your tracking requirements.

Why choose our employee reporting software?

Our employee reporting software can transform the way your business operates by offering a reliable means of recording and reporting all necessary employee training records, and our level of functionality sets us apart from other training tracking software providers. Here are just a few reasons that you should choose Rapid Induct as your employee training software of choice:

1) Accuracy. We can provide training tracking software that offers an impeccably high level of accuracy, so you need never worry about not meeting legislation again.

2) Autonomy. Our system automates the entire process of scheduling and assigning training requirements – it keeps track of all employee records and automatically sends an email to anyone that needs to complete further courses.

3) Interactivity. Our training tracking software works with you and according to your own requirements, so if you’re in the middle of running a report and wish to take action you can do so from within the report itself without having to start a whole new function.

4) Ease of use. Everything is designed to be wholly efficient by offering an easy to use interface that can offer complete functionality, and when you can filter results according to your individual search requirements it becomes easier still.

5) Range of reporting functions. Employee reporting software needs to incorporate a whole range of different functions if it’s going to be effective, and that’s why our software lets you do everything from training analysis to content review thereby ensuring your tracking requirements are well and truly met.

Our employee training software puts you in control and ensures your records are totally up to date, and with everything from health and safety inductions to more complex training courses being recorded you can be confident in getting a complete solution to your requirements. Get in touch today to discuss your needs, and you could soon see how beneficial our employee reporting software can be.

"The reporting component of Rapid Induct has allowed us to keep track of any expiring driver’s licences for personnel as I can now run monthly reports to ensure that everyone’s licence has been renewed.
We have been using Rapid Induct 9 months now and in that period we have not had any lost time incidents. Rapid Induct has certainly contributed to this great safety result in our workplace"

Lisa Cook, HS&E Coordinator Energy Brix

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