Training Passports

Rapid Induct automatically creates training passports for any training conducted.

Each passport contains 4 separate sections.

  1. The questions and answers provided.
  2. A score calculated on how difficult the trainee found the course.
  3. An acknowledgement section for the trainee to sign off.
  4. A paper ID slip which can be cut out and laminated if required.

One of the unique features within Rapid Induct is auto version control. At the top of every training passport is the version of the course conducted and with each course version stored within the system you will always know what course material was provided at any time.

All training passports are stored within the system as PDF documents and can be relied upon in an audit to show precisely the training provided.

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Why use health and safety passports?

Health and safety courses are central to any business, and all contractors will need to undertake the necessary training before they can work on-site. Doing so means you'll be fully compliant with all pieces of legislation whilst ensuring site safety for a more secure and productive workplace, but sometimes keeping a record of this kind of training is easier said than done. That's where health and safety passports come in, and if you choose our automatic system you'll have a full record of every health and safety e-learning course that your employees and contractors undertake.

The main purpose of having health and safety passports is to ensure you've got an audit trail of any training that's been conducted. Keeping records of this kind is an essential part of business management as it ensures full compliance with health and safety policy, making sure you're operating legally whilst giving added peace of mind that all contractors have completed the necessary health and safety courses. But, this audit trail also mitigates the risk to operations if something untoward should happen and ensures you won't be letting contractors onto site who shouldn't be there, and at the same time shows proof that you've done everything you can to reduce any risks as much as possible. Ultimately, health and safety passport training solutions can be used to great effect in a whole range of business settings, making it a wholly viable means of record-keeping.

Safety passport software from Rapid Induct

We understand the benefits of health and safety passport training which is why we've developed a solution that can transform the way your business operates. The Rapid Induct system automatically produces health and safety passports as a record of any health and safety courses that have been undertaken, offering an efficient and effective solution to your health and safety passport training requirements.

Each passport contains the following four sections:

1. The questions and answers provided in each course.

2. The score.

3. An acknowledgement section where the trainee signs off.

4. A paper ID slip (which can be cut out, laminated and used as required).

Our safety passport software also contains a number of unique features, one of which being auto version control. Each passport automatically includes the specific version of the course that's been undertaken, and each version is stored within the system to ensure you'll know which one was completed at any given time. Every passport is stored as a PDF document which you can rely on to show the exact health and safety courses that have been completed, providing precise records for any audit necessary.

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If you're looking for safety passport software that you can rely on to meet your legal and business obligations, make sure to get in touch. Our health and safety passport training solutions will ensure full compliance by offering an accurate audit trail for every contractor that works on-site, giving you the peace of mind that you need in this most complex of areas.

"Rapid Induct is very simple to issue a password to drivers to complete the training.
Before they go on any site they show their passport as proof of compliance. This has saved a lot of time for the drivers"

McColl's Transport - National Training Manager, Ron Lewis

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