Peak Gold Mines

The Company Peak Gold Mines, is part of New Gold Inc., an intermediate gold producer with a portfolio of global assets in the United States, Mexico, Australia, Canada, Brazil and Chile.
The Challenge Contractors for Peak Gold Mines had to complete a 2-day face-to-face induction as well as a site induction before they could start work. Contractors would also charge Peak Gold Mines for their labour time to complete the induction. The induction process was time consuming and extremely costly.
The Solution Rapid Induct had eliminated the classroom training aspect of the induction, saving Peak Gold Mines days of training-time every month. Contractors now arrive onsite, having completed their induction online, and are given a site orientation and get straight to work.

"It is easy to use, needs little training to get started and the backup service from the customer service team is great. Any questions or issues we may have are answered promptly"

Shane Mullins, Learning and Development Coordinator, Peak Gold Mines